In the front of the news, it is important to point out that Audio Fidelity will be releasing an SACD version of Hemispheres from Rush, the 1978 album that followed on the heels of the successful A Farewell To Kings (1977).  The Hemispheres SACD is slated for release on August 6.  Wondering if A Farewell To Kings will follow?


Also available from Audio Fidelity on August 6 will be an SACD version of Pickin’ Up The Pieces, the phenomenal 1969 debut of Poco.


Frontiers Records have VIVA Hysteria! arriving from Def Leppard on October 22, and scheduled for CD, BD, and DVD.

Frontiers Records also have live music coming from Ted Nugent called Ultralive Ballistirock, and is also expected on CD, BD, and DVD, all on October 22.

Secret City Records have a new album coming from Basia Bulat on October 1.  The new album, Tall Tall Shadow will be released in CD and LP, with the single, “Tall Tall Shadow” on DD preceding the album on July 23.

Basia Bulat

Stones Throw Records plan the release of Boardwalk from the band of the same name on October 15.

Melodic Metal fans will get a new album from Edenbridge on July 16 via Steamhammer/SPV.  The new album, called The Bonding, will be released on CD, a 2CD Deluxe Edition, vinyl LP, and DD.

Concord Jazz will release vinyl LP of The Vigil from Chick Corea on September 17. The CD version is planned for August 6.


Capitol Records have The Diving Board coming from Elton John on September 24, CD, LP, and DD.  A bit of old news, I know, but worth repeating here.


Eagle Rock have Concerto For Group and Orchestra by Jon Lord coming on DVD on September 3.

Verve Records is the label that is finally delivering Privateering by Mark Knopfler to US shores on September 10.  The 2CD album released in the UK last year is Knopfler’s 7th studio solo effort.  When it was officially released in 2012, fans on the US side were pretty stunned that the album did not get a US date.  Fans in the US are going to be pretty happy, I’d say.


This is quite a stretch of date for this next release piece of news, but I know that fans of Nils Lofgren will be pretty happy knowing this is in the pipeline.  Face The Music will be released via Fantasy Records on November 12.

Virgin Records have Oceania: Live In NYC coming from Smashing Pumpkins on CD with a scheduled date of September 3.

Tooth & Nail Records have Made In Canada: The 1998-2010 Collection from Thousand Foot Krutch expected on October 1 on CD.

Tri Angle Records will release Engravings from Forest Swords (Matt Barnes) on CD and vinyl LP with a scheduled date of September 17.  The electronica album will be released on CD, LP, and DD.


Atlantic Records will reissue Ready To Die (1994) from Notorious B.I.G. in a 2LP Special Edition that is scheduled for September 3.

Favored label, Jagjaguwar Records have Repave coming from Volcano Choir in both CD and LP forms on September 3.

Cleopatra Records will release a Limited Deluxe Edition (1000 copies) of Whirlwind, an 18-track, 2CD Box set of rare and unreleased Tommy Bolin songs including a 26-minute version of “Marching Powder” (Teaser), on here as “Marching Bag”.  Other collectibles here include songs that Bolin had been working on for his third studio release before he died.  The set will include three postcards, a Bolin signature guitar pick, a patch, and a pin.  Whirlwind is scheduled for August 13.

Bolin Whirlwind Box

Jimmy Buffett comes back with Songs From St. Somewhere, scheduled for August 20 via Mailboat Records.


Columbia has the new MGMT album on the calendar for September 17 with the band’s first new album since 2010’s excellent Congratulations album.  The new album will simply carry the band’s name as it’s title.  MGMT will be issued on CD, DD, and LP.  All we can do now is wait…

As a reminder, the Made In California 6CD Box from The Beach Boys is scheduled for August 27.  Yes, it is pricey.  But you’re a manic Beach Boys fan, right? Right?


By MARowe

3 thoughts on “TAPSheet: Release Notes – 07/11/2013 (US Report)”
  1. An sacd of Hemisperes?!!! Why don’t they just let me write them a blank check. A 5.1 mix would excite me even more than the 2112 disc did.

    Hard to say on the “AFTK” disc. That one came out as a hi-res, 5.1 mix dvd-audio in the Sector 2 box set released a couple of years ago. My point being that it would make demand for “AFTK” softer. Hemispheres has been largely ignored. Even though I think Rush will eventually get around to a hi-res 5.1 version of Hemispheres on bluray, I will still pick up this AF sacd release.

    I may complain about record companies re-releasing albums to “fleece” fans for more money, but Hemispheres is my favorite Rush album (and definitely a “desert island” pick) so that is one they can get me to buy every time with no complaints. Just reel me in boys.

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