Well, I’m back (again) after an extended return to California to attend to a few things, as well as riding back to Illinois (my new home, as yet unsettled) with my niece.  Now, with a bit of an opportunity to sit in front of my very small netbook, I have posted my review of the recently released SACD of Close To The Edge as released via Audio Fidelity.  I hope to THIS TIME remain more stable and current as I attend to the final stages of my long, looooongggg move.  We have yet to locate a house to purchase, and I have yet to find something to avoid the “non-contributor” label by Mrs. TAP.  But I (and we) are working on all of that.

ImpatientWatchPCOnce again, I should alert all to the fact that I don’t have plans to stop MusicTAP.  I am currently developing a PR company to handle bands and their needs.  I have a band that I’m working with right now to publicize their reissue of a popular classic from the ’90s in LP form (Lycia – COLD).  In addition, they have a new album coming so if you’re a Lycia fan, watch for Quiet Moments in the summer months, date TBA).

I’m also in the works to start a label.  In fact, in reference to a recent article that I had posted earlier, I’m exploring the possibility of a Kickstarter campaign to remaster and reissue gems from the past.  All of these things should be fun.  And I hope successful.

I have a few other plans in the works but those will unfold as I become more settled in.

I am very grateful that you have been patient with these sporadic periods of no posts.  Remember, I have no immediate plans of retiring MusicTAP.  I have too much fun with it.  Should I become immersed in another unavoidable project, know that I will be back in short order.


By MARowe

3 thoughts on “Uhhhhh…”
  1. I should say that the picture posted in no way assumes that MusicTAP is so important that it had you all really sitting waiting for a post. Just a stab – a weak stab – at some humor.

  2. Glad you are OK Matt. I was beginning to wonder if something bad happened but I figured you had a lot going on with the move.

    1. I’m ok. I went back to CA to ride back with niece, who had accepted a job in Chicago. Lots of things to do, no time for anything else.

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