Mercury Records plan a Super Deluxe CD/BD reissue of 2112 from Rush on December 18.

Atlantic Records have put together a 2CD collection for Aretha Franklin entitled 30 Greatest Hits, and will release the set on December 20.

Atlantic Records also has Unorthodox Jukebox by Bruno Mars on the calendar for December 11.  The set will be released on CD, LP, and an edited version of the CD.

PLE Records will release 180g vinyl LP (Limited Edition Red Colored vinyl) of Selections From The Headquarters Sessions featuring The Monkees.  It’s planned for November 19.

Universal Republic will release Amy Winehouse at the BBC on CD planned for November 13.

Rounder Records will release an currently untitled new album from Son Volt on March 5.

Geffen Records will release Almeria by Lifehouse on December 11 including a Deluxe Edition of the title.

Universal Republic will also release Wretched And Divine: The Story Of The Wild One by Black Veil Brides on January 8.

Vinyl Dept: Elektra Records will reissue Television favorite, Marquee Moon, on 180g LP on December 4.  There will only be 3000 pressed so if you want one, don’t wait too long.

Rhino Records will reissue Jagged Little Pill by Alanis Morissette on 180g vinyl LP with a planned date of December 4.

Concord Records will release Get Up! from Ben Harper on January 29.

Fuel Records will release The Very Best Of Buster Benton, The Very Best of Little Joe Blue, and The Very Best of Frank Frost on December 4.

Interscope Records have 200k/hr In The Wrong Lane from t.A.T.u. slated for release on November 19.

Vagrant Records have Wonderful, Glorious coming from The Eels and planned for February 5.

Zappa Records have added a 2CD Understanding America from Frank Zappa to the calendar for release on October 30 (around the corner).

INgrooves plan the live release of The Long Goodbye – LCD Soundsystem Live at Madison Square Garden, on November 19.

UMe will reissue The Gift from The Jam on December 4.  Nice news for US fans.

UMe will also release The Pogues – In Paris on December 18.

Avenue Records will reissue The World Is A Ghetto by War on December 11.

AND a nice piece of noise for you:  A 40th Anniversary Edition of the 1973 self-titled debut from Bachman Turner Overdrive is scheduled for November 6.  BTO was one of my favorite albums, more than their other releases despite having fewer hits.  But with songs like “Gimme Your Money Please”, the rousing “Stayed Awake All Night”, “Little Gandy Dancer”, “Hold Back The Water””, and the equally excellent “Thank You For The Feelin'”, along with the unnamed tracks from this album, help make this classic deserving of a 40th Anniversary Edition.

Did I make up for my week-long absence?

By MARowe

11 thoughts on “TAPSheet: Release Notes – 10/24/2011 (US Report)”
  1. Rush 2112 on BD!!! The holy grail. (Well that and Hemispheres).

    And yes, that does make up for your absence. I was beginning to wonder.

    1. House sale, moving, settling into 625 sq ft of exciting apartment living, and all that fun. Might be a few more nights here and there while I set up something more comfortable to write easier.

      1. I figured that the inactivity might be the result of your move (plus our “friend” The Hacker).

        I don’t know where you got this Rush 2112 info but you must have scooped everyone because I can’t find any information on it and what little info there is recognizes your post as the source. Good job!!!!!

        1. 100% move-related. Oddly though, he did strike in my off time. Easy fix nowadays.

          The Rush piece was delivered by very good source. On occasion, things do change but usually due to timeframe. I’m betting on this being right.

          1. I am too.
            When 2112 was passed over in favor of Fly By Night in last year’s Sector box sets, I was hoping it meant that something more elaborate would be done for 2112. I also thought that it should be this year, 2012, because none of us will be around in 2112.
            Just in time for Christmas!!!! Coincidence?

  2. BTO as a 49th edition? SWEET! I saw them on that “tour” in The Brewery, a GREAT rock and roll bar in East Lanisng, Michigan in the early 70’s. Sat my beer(s) next to the stage monitors- my hearing hasn’t been the same since…

    “Thank you for the feeling…”

    1. David, deceptive as this is, it’s only a best of. I know, I know, I have just found this out. But I agree with you that such an edition would be sweet!!

  3. David R. Bouck:

    BTO as a 40th edition? SWEET! I saw them on that “tour” in The Brewery, a GREAT rock and roll bar in East Lanisng, Michigan in the early 70′s. Sat my beer(s) next to the stage monitors- my hearing hasn’t been the same since…
    “Thank you for the feeling…”

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