It has been many a long years since Bill Wyman last officially stood the stage as a Rolling Stones member (not counting assorted one-offs). And he keeps his own musical explorations low. In short, this guy is enjoying retirement. but sometimes you get a bit antsy in retirement.

On August 9, Bill Wyman will issue his ninth solo effort with his new album, Drive My Car. With 10 new songs, and a few bonus tracks to be included (CD and DD only), the new album will give fans a new slice of Bill Wyman. On of the songs, “Drive My Car” (heard below). Some of the songs are covers, some collaborations, and a few are personally composed.

Drive My Car will be released on CD, DD, and vinyl LP.

Drive My CarBill Wyman
01 Thunder On the Mountain
02 Drive My Car
03 Bad News
04 Storm Warning
05 Light Rain
06 Ain’t Hurtin’ Nobody
07 Rough Cut Diamond
08 Wings
09 Two Tone Car
10 Fools Gold
Bonus Tracks
11 Sweet Baby
12 Tell You A Secret

By MARowe