X was once a powerhouse of Punk with a strong and unusual lean in to Americana influences. With that, the band released an initial string of popular albums that represent their peak period from 1980 through 1987. Fronted by Exene Cervenka. with excellent musical cohesion by Billy Zoom (guitars), DJ Bonebreak (drums), and John Doe (bass), X gave a performance that was memorable with excellently crafted songs that stuck around. X went into hiatus after their 1993 album (Hey Zeus!) but re-emerged in 2020 for a new album, Alphabetland. While the music of today is vastly more competitive, X still retains much of the power and grace that gave them top status in the ’80s. One listen to a new single – “Big Black X” – will slam you right back into the original X period. Listen to that below and find out for yourself, X fans.

On August 2, reconnect with X when Fat Possum Records releases the band’s latest album, Smoke & Fiction. The album will contain 10 new tracks by the still all original members band. 

Smoke & Fiction will be issued on CD, DD, and four variants of vinyl that will include the standard industry black vinyl press, and a limited edition (1000 copies) pressed on green vinyl. There will be an extremely rare press on Yellow vinyl with only 300 copies pressed, and a Red vinyl press with only 500 copies. Both of those are hand-numbered. Both presses are likely gone by now.

X has a full tour of 42 dates planned for this album.

Smoke & FictionX
01 Ruby Church
02 Sweet Til The Bitter End
03 The Way It Is
04 Flipside
05 Big Black X 
06 Smoke & Fiction
07 Surreal
08 Winding Up The Time
09 Face In The Moon
10 Baby & All

By MARowe