Al Stewart has a secure and enduring legacy which allows for plenty of touring and for audiences to more easily find him to listen to that legacy. Currently, he tours with a Chicago-based band called The Empty Pockets. Al Stewart affiliated with Empty Pockets a few years back and their forged alliance has connected well with each other. The last album of original material from Al Stewart was back in 2008 with Sparks Of Ancient Lights.

On August 9, Al Stewart will release a new live set to be simply called Live. It is headlined with Al Stewart & The Empty Pockets. This set will contain a collection of 14 performance tracks (and 5 introducing story tracks of some songs) that will rope together many classics like “The Year Of The Cat”, “Time Passages”, “Carol”, “On The Border”, and happily, “Modern Times”. The tracks will be presented across 2 discs housed in a tri-fold digipak. For this set, “Time Passages” is included with a guest appearance by Peter White, a longtime collaborator.

Live is planned for CD and DD only.

LiveAl Stewart & The Empty Pockets

01 Sirens of Titan|
02 Story (Antarctica)
03 Antarctica
04 Palace of Versailles
05 Story (Time Passages)
06 Time Passages (with Peter White)
07 On the Border
08 Story (Midas Shadow)
09 Midas Shadow
10 Flying Sorcery”

01 Soho (Needless to Say)
02 Carol”
03 Story (Modern Times)
04 Modern Times
05 Broadway Hotel
06 Joe the Georgian
07 One Stage Before
08 Story (Year of the Cat)
09 Year of the Cat

By MARowe