Bands as complex as YES can have a bit of difficulty in navigating the generational waves of what is liked and what is considered “old hat”. It would have been an easy descent into obscurity if not for the thinking processes of the band members, those who wished to remain viable. During the cleansing scrub of the ’80s, YES employed the New Wave talents found in Geoff Downes and Trevor Horn, who helped fill the gap vacated by Jon Anderson, and Rick Wakeman. By 1980, YES showed their intent to remain with Drama. After that, YES would disintegrate and Steve Howe would move to Asia. Soon Trevor Rabin would be introduced to the YES members; Anderson would rejoin and the new YES  would win audiences with “Owner Of A Lonely Heart” from 90125.

Soon enough, YES would grow with Union, a venture that reunited old members with the newer band mates to create a well-received album. Thinning would reoccur, and YES would continue with Anderson, Squire, White, Rabin, and Kaye. They would produce Talk, which was some success. Released in 1994, it would somewhat announce the end of the classicism of YES.

On May 24, Spirit Of Unicorn Records (Cherry Red UK) will revisit Talk in a 30th Anniversary set that will find the album newly remastered and expanded with a CD full of 8 bonus tracks from the sessions, and two more CDs filled with live tracks from a New York show in 1994.

TALK will be reissued in several sets that will include 4CD, 1CD, and a Limited Edition White Vinyl 2LP package.

Talk (30th Anniversary Remaster) – YES

CD1 (Talk 2024 Remaster)
01 The Calling
02 I Am Waiting
03 Real Love
04 State Of Play
05 Walls
06 Where Will You Be
07 Endless Dream
08 Silent Spring (Instrumental)
09 Talk
10 Endless Dream

CD2 (Bonus Tracks)
01 The Calling (Special Version)
02 The Calling (Single Edit)
03 The Calling (Radio Edit)
04 Untitled (Rabin Instrumental)
05 Endless Dream (Demo)
06 Where Will You Be (Instrumental)
07 Walls (Instrumental)
08 Endless Dream [Excerpt] (Instrumental)

CD3 (Live at Canadigua – New York – June 19, 1994)
01 I Am Waiting
02 The Calling
03 Rhythm Of Love
04 Hearts
05 Real Love
06 Changes
07 Heart Of the Sunrise
08 Roundabout

CD4 (Live at Canadigua – New York – June 19, 1994)
01 Cinema
02 City Of Love
03 Make It Easy
04 Owner Of a Lonely Heart
05 Rabin Piano Solo / And You And I
06 Where Will You Be?
07 I’ve Seen All Good People
08 Walls
09 Endless Dream

By MARowe