Black Sabbath has undergone several transformations after their original stint with Ozzy at the front. After that lineup, Black Sabbath had successes with Ronnie James Dio, Ian Gillan (Deep Purple), Glenn Hughes, and others. One of those lineups included Tony Martin, who sang for the band from 1987-1995, an on-again, off-again period that produced five albums (The Eternal Idol – 1987, Headless Cross – 1989, Tyr – 1990, Cross Purposes – 1994, Forbidden – 1995). Rhino Records explore this period with a new boxed set that will feature four newly remastered albums from this Tony Martin period.

Anno Domini 1989-1995 will be released on May 31 to appropriately spotlight this period with a 4CD collection that contains all Martin-era albums with the exception of The Eternal Idol. Three of the four get new remastering, while Forbidden will be offered in remixed form and as a new version of the album. In addition, 3 bonus tracks will be packed in along with a booklet, a Headless Cross poster, and a replica concert book from the Headless Cross tour.

Anno Domini 1989-1995 will be offered as a 4CD Box, DD, and a 4LP Box with black vinyl pressings.

Anno Domini 1989-1995Black Sabbath

CD1/LP1 (Headless Cross)
01 The Gates Of Hell
02 Headless Cross
03 Devil’s Daughter
04 Kill In The Spirit World
05 Call Of The Wild
06 Black Moon
07 Nightwing
Bonus Track
08 Cloak And Dagger

CD2/LP2 (Tyr)
01 Anno Mundi
02 The Law Maker
03 Jerusalem
04 The Sabbath Stones
05 The Battle Of Tyr
06 Odin’s Court
07 Valhalla
08 Feels Good To Me
09 Heaven In Black

CD3/LP3 (Cross Purposes)
01 I Witness
02 Cross Of Thorns
03 Psychophobia
04 Virtual Death
05 Immaculate Deception
06 Dying For Love
07 Back To Eden
08 The Hand That Rocks The Cradle
09 Cardinal Sin
10 Evil Eye
Bonus Track
11 What’s The Use

CD4/LP4 (Forbidden)
01 The Illusion Of Power” (with Ice-T)
02 Get A Grip
03 Can’t Get Close Enough
04 Shaking Off The Chains
05 I Won’t Cry For You
06 Guilty As Hell
07 Sick And Tired
08 Rusty Angels
09 Forbidden
10 Kiss Of Death
Bonus Track
11 Loser Gets It All

By MARowe