Brian Eno, long a different side to the Rock machine, has had our attention for decades. ever since his brief run with Roxy Music (he was with Roxy Music for two albums). From there, he began to release important solo sets beginning with his Here Come The Warm Jets, issued in 1974. He has released 30 solo sets bearing only his name, as well as numerous others in collaboration with other important names. Among them are David Byrne, Robert Fripp, Kevin Ayers, Harold Budd, his brother, Roger Eno, and many more. Eno was as immersed in production work as he was with the creation of ambient,, soundtracks and other types of music.

For 2024, documentarian, Gary Hustwit, explores the life of Brian Eno in a teasing but innovative film format that utilizes software to scramble the scenes, delete some scenes and replace with scenes not yet seen, thereby creating an ambient way of watching a film. This is surprisingly apt given the explorative nature of its subject, Brian Eno. Regardless, the film is complete with its vibrant look at the man who helped shape a lot of Rock music.

On April 19, a 17-track soundtrack will arrive to accompany the film. With the included songs, three of them are previously unreleased. The soundtrack draws admirably from his deep career providing a glide of work that measures history appropriately. The set is titled Eno, after the film.

Eno will be released on CD, DD, and vinyl LP.

Eno (Soundtrack) – Brian Eno 
01 All I Remember (Brian Eno) [Previously Unreleased]
02 The Secret Place (Brian Eno with Daniel Lanois and Roger Eno)
03 Cmon (Brian Eno/Fred Again)
04 Ho Renomo (Brian Eno/Cluster)
05 Sky Saw (Brian Eno)
06 Spinning Away (Brian Eno/John Cale)
07 Motion In Field (Brian Eno/Tom Rogerson)
08 There Were Bells (Brian Eno)
09 Third Uncle (Brian Eno)
10 Everything That Happens (Brian Eno/David Byrne)
11 Stiff (Brian Eno)
12 Emerald & Lime (Brian Eno with Leo Abrahams/Jon Hopkins)
13 Hardly Me (Brian Eno)
14 Regiment (Brian Eno/David Byrne)
15 Fractal Zoom (Brian Eno)
16 Lighthouse #429 (Brian Eno)  [Previously Unreleased]
17 By This River (Live At The Acropolis) – (Brian Eno/Roger Eno) [Previously Unreleased]

By MARowe