Moby entered into the collective and widespread mental absorption that pays attention to popular music back with Play, which was issued in 1999 via Mute Records. It sold more than 22 million copies and helped to cement Moby as one of Rock’s go-to music-makers. Play generated an astounding 8 singles that included “Natural Blues”, “Why Does My Heart Feel So Bad?”, and “Bodyrock”. But he began with Moby, which was released in 1992. He has released 21 albums to date, with more than 70 singles.

On June 14, Moby will release his next album, Always Centered At Night (which is the name of his own label, as well). The album features 13 new songs, all in collaboration with vocalists that was intended to bring a “tender yet defiant” quality to the songs. Such involved vocalists include Lady Blackbird, Gaidaa, Raquel Rodriguez, serpentwithfeet, and Benjamin Zephaniah, just to name a few (tracklist lists all).

Always Centered At Night will release on CD, DD (Digital Download), and a numbered edition black vinyl 2LP.

Always Centered At NightMoby
01 On Air (with serpentwithfeet)
02 Dark Days (with Lady Blackbird)
03 Where Is Your Pride? (with Benjamin Zephaniah)
04 Transit (with. Gaidaa)
05 Wild Flame (with Danaé Wellington)
06 Precious Mind (with India Carney)
07 Should Sleep (with JP Bimeni)
08 Feelings Come Undone (with Raquel Rodriguez)
09 Medusa (with Aynzli Jones)
10 We’re Going Wrong (with Brie O’Banion)
11 Fall Back (with Akemi Fox)
12 Sweet Moon (with Choklate)
13 Ache For (with José James)

By MARowe