Queen formed in 1970 releasing their first album in 1973. From that point on, Queen would keep audiences and fans on their feet with their merged theatrical styles and rock for the masses. Frontmost was Freddie Mercury, whose style gave heft to the band’s music. With “Killer Queen” achieving high chart position in the US, the UK band was just an album away from international stardom. They achieved that with A Night At the Opera in 1975, which sold well over 5 million worldwide. That album brought the popular “Bohemian Rhapsody” song to the world. Their stage shows were extraordinary. One of them were the two nights in Montreal that entertained more than 35,000 fans back on November 24th and 25th in 1981. Those two shows were filmed with state-of-the-art Double Anamorphic 35MM for large screens.

On May 10, Queen Rock Montreal will be released that will offer the show in audio forms and visual forms that include Blu-ray and 4K remastering. The video sets will provide a full 25 songs, as will the CD. DD, and LP offerings. Some video sets will add in the historic Live Aid set. Queen Rock Montreal provides an all-out look at Queen during their peak period.

Queen Rock Montreal will be issued on 2CD, DD, and 3LP sets in standard black vinyl, and in webstore exclusive Blue Color vinyl. Additional offerings will include bundled sets. The Blu-ray offerings include Blu-ray (with Live Aid), and 4k Ultra HD (with Live Aid) of the original Queen Rock Montreal film. You can pre-order here.

Queen Rock MontrealQueen

01 Intro
02 We Will Rock You (Fast)
03 Let Me Entertain You
04 Play The Game
05 Somebody To Love
06 Killer Queen
07 I’m In Love With My Car
08 Get Down, Make Love
09 Save Me
10 Now I’m Here
11 Dragon Attack
12 Now I’m Here (Reprise)
13 Love Of My Life

01 Under Pressure
02 Keep Yourself Alive
03 Drum And Tympani Solo
04 Guitar Solo
05 Flash
06 The Hero
07 Crazy Little Thing Called Love
08 Jailhouse Rock
09 Bohemian Rhapsody
10 Tie Your Mother Down
11 Another One Bites The Dust
12 Sheer Heart Attack
13 We Will Rock You
14 We Are The Champions
15 God Save The Queen

By MARowe