Glam Rock was in full swing by the ’70s, as Rock blended to wilder lifestyles and on-stage/off-stage displays of glitter and dress. The New York Dolls helped to further this arrival with make-up and music to match that decadence. The period was somewhat short-lived but some of the bands and artists that made that scene (Bowie, T-Rex [Marc Bolan], Sweet, Roxy Music, even Slade) are fondly remembered of this point in time. We still play those records!

Another of the bands from that period were The Hollywood Stars. Formed by the enigmatic Kim Fowley (who formed The Runaways, and The Quick, and who created unique albums on his own like International Heroes). Plagued by a series of unfortunate occurrences, The Hollywood Stars would be short-lived in their endeavors but would leave behind a single eponymously-titled LP. They had two of their songs recorded by KISS and by Alice Cooper. The new Millennia would see a reformation with a release of their first album (unreleased by Columbia Records), and a 1976 demo album – Sound City.

On June 14, The Hollywood Stars will release their new album, to be called Starstruck. It will contain 15 tracks, some of them written decades ago. Two of the included songs are extended versions of tracks already on the album. One of the songs – “Taxi Driver” – is in current single release and can be heard below.

Starstruck will be released via Rum Bar Records and will be issued on CD and DD. An LP version will be released on September 1 via Sioux Records.

StarstruckThe Hollywood Stars
01 Can’t Do It Right
02 Taxi Driver
03 Bad, Bad Man
04 I Had A Girlfriend
05 This Merry-Go-Round
06 Total Control
07 Save Me
08 Sleeping Giant
09 Haunted
10 Am I Right Or Wrong?
11 Walking With An Angel
12 Revenge
13 Shortage Of Love
14 Can’t Do It Right (Extended)
15 Revenge (Extended)

By MARowe