Richard Thompson is a folk/Rock legend with not only fans of Fairport Convention, where he presided on guitar for five albums before leaving in 1970, but also fans of his rich solo career. With that, Richard Thompson produced 26 sets for loyal fans who still loved his brand of creativity. Some of those albums were with his previous wife, Linda Thompson (divorced in 1982 after ten years and six albums). The most popular of those is Shoot Out The Lights (1982). Richard Thompson is still active musically today.

On May 31, Richard Thompson returns with a brand new album of 12 songs to be called Ship To Shore. It will be his fist album in six years. The new album features a new single – “Singapore Sadie”, which can be enjoyed below. Richard Thompson will tour the new album in the UK and in the US.

Ship To Shore will be issued via New West Records and be released on CD, DD, and 2 issues of vinyl 2LP that include Standard Black, and site-exclusive Yellow splatter vinyl.

Ship To ShoreRichard Thompson
01 Freeze
02 The Fear Never Leaves You
03 Singapore Sadie
04 Trust
05 The Day That I Give In
06 The Old Pack Mule
07 Turnstile Casanova
08 Lost In The Crowd
09 Maybe
10 Life’s A Bloody Show
11 What’s Left To Lose
12 We Roll

By MARowe