The Ramones band that began in 1976 from the streets of NYC delivered a strong collection of 14 studio albums. And for nearly 20 years held their own in musical conversation. Their debut was the only of their sets to sell more than 500,000 copies but that doesn’t downgrade the rest of the music. Over the years, they consistently delivered great music to the fans that wanted it.

On April 20 for RSD, Rhino Records will release a vinyl LP pressing of The 1975 Sire Demos by Ramones. These tracks are the earliest recordings that the band produced leading up to their extraordinary debut. The single LP will contain 13 demo tracks.

The RSD Limited Edition LP of The 1975 Sire Demos will be offered on 140g-weight Clear with black splatter vinyl. The limited set will have 13,500 copies available worldwide. As with all RSD issues, if any stock remains, they will be made available online on April 22.

The 1975 Sire DemosRamones

Side A
01 Loudmouth
02 53rd & 3rd
03 I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend
04 I Don’t Care
05 Chain Saw
06 You Should Never Have Opened That Door

Side B
01 It Can’t Be
02 Now I Wanna Sniff Some Glue
03 I Don’t Wanna Be Learned – I Don’t Wanna Be Tamed
04 What’s Your Name
05 You’re Gonna Kill That Girl
06 I Don’t Wanna Walk Around With You
07 Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World

By MARowe