After Steve Marriott left the comfortable confines of Small Faces, he formed Humble Pie. This left the remainder of Small Faces to search for the tough replacement. Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood, fresh off the breakup of The Jeff Beck Group, were selected and not long after, Faces became the adopted moniker of the new band. They enjoyed a brief span of success during their short run (1969-1973) and had a strong hit with “Stay With Me” (there were other hits but none other with as strong a reception). Faces left behind an enduring legacy filled with “what ifs”, great songs, and a hefty promise.

On April 20 (April 22 – Online), Rhino Entertainment will release The BBC Session Recordings, a collection of highlights from memorable 1970 BBC Faces shows. This set will provide 2LPs pressed on clear 140g-weight vinyl. The 2LP set will be a limited edition set at only 8500 copies of availability worldwide.

The BBC Session RecordingsFaces
Side A
01 You’re My Girl (I Don’t Want to Discuss It)
02 Cut Across Shorty
Side B
01 Love in Vain
02 Bad ’n’ Ruin

Side C
01 It’s All Over Now
02 Had Me a Real Good Time
Side D
01 (I Know) I’m Losing You
02 I Feel So Good

By MARowe