Steve Hillage, the guitarist from Gong, who went on to create a successful series of solo release from 1975-1982 has his name carved into the eternal stones of Rock music. He has released other works as well. In 2016, Madfish Music released a splendid 22CD Box set titled Searching For The Spark. But Madfish hasn’t stopped there.

On February 23, Madfish Music will release a recently unearthed Steve Hillage live set from his December 12, 1979 show at the Bataclan in Paris, With plenty of live music and songs, the set – to be called Paris Bataclan 11.12.79 – will be packed into a six-panel digipak and include a 12-page booklet. Steve Hillage provides the notes on this remembered show. The 19 songs found on this live set are newly remastered.

Paris Bataclan 11.12.79 will be issued on 2CD and DD.

Paris Bataclan 11.12.79Steve Hillage

01 Earthrise
02 The Fire Inside
03 1988 Aktivator
04 Crystal City
05 Activation Meditation
06 The Glorious Om Riff
07 Day After Day
08 Getting In Tune
09 Palm Trees ( Love Guitar )
10 New Age Synthesis ( Unzipping The Zype )
11 Healing Feeling

01 Open
02 Saucer Surfing
03 Searching For The Spark
04 Definite Activity
05 It’s All Too Much
06 Castle In The Clouds
07 The Salmon Song
08 Unidentified ( Flying Being )

By MARowe