Mediavolo, a band from France that has created and performed extraordinary Shoegaze, especially with the help of the Géraldine Le Cocq‘s incredible vocal style. They began a journey in 1999, releasing the stunning album, A Secret Sound on the German label, Kalinkaland Records. Altogether, Mediavolo have five albums in release, including the new one that was released on February 4 of 2024. 

The new album is named Away Within. It has ten tracks that have been composed over the last few years. Previous to this new album, the band has been on hiatus for a number of years. With Away Within, it is a good thing to welcome Mediavolo back. The current band consists of Géraldine Le Cocq (vocals and lyricist), Jacques Henry (guitars and composition), Eric Le Pape (drums), Julien Cuvelier (bass), and Fabrice Duhamel (keyboards).

Away Within will be issued on VERY LIMITED CD (150 copies) and DD. These can be ordered from their Bandcamp page here. You can also listen to their current track, “Away Within” there, as well. We hope you like what you hear. you can listen to “Mass Anaesthesia” from the early and previously mentioned A Secret Sound album below.

Away Within  – Mediavolo
01 Away Within
02 Walk Out
03 Happy That Way
04 Made It So Far
05 Rage
06 Unbidden Truth
07 I Really Do Wonder
08 Moving Out
09 Disembodied Vision
10 Merry Old Lies

By MARowe