If you were an avid fan of the Post-Punk Factory Records era, then odds are that you remember the music of A Certain Ratio (aka ACR). Their beginnings in 1977 jump-started the band into the growth stream of Post Punk. By 1980, they released their debut set, The Graveyard and The Ballroom. That album gained the attention of the UK crowd. Every Factory-issued album up through 1986’s Force met with immediate fascination with the UK crowd. Eventually, they signed with A&M Records and released two sets. By 2020, the updated ACR signed with Mute Records and regained their audience with ACR Loco. Today, ACR still maintains core originals with Jez Kerr (bass/vocals), Donald Johnson (drums), and Martin Moscrop (guitars).

On April 19, A Certain Ratio (ACR) will deliver their next album, It All Comes Down To This. The new album will contain ten new songs. One of those – “All Comes Down To This” is in current release as a single and can be heard below. The new album is highly inspired by the current flow of activities in the world.

It All Comes Down To This will be released on CD, DD, and two versions of LP that will include standard black vinyl, and a Limited Edition Neon Pink vinyl. This new album continues the current ACR relationship with Mute Records (distributed via WB Music).

It All Comes Down To ThisA Certain Ratio (ACR)
01 All Comes Down To This
02 Keep It Real
03 We All Need
04 Surfer Ticket
05 Bitten by a Lizard
06 God Knows
07 Out From Under
08 Estate Kings
09 Where You Coming From
10 Dorothy Says

By MARowe