Ted Nugent, the “wild man” best known for his solo years that generated the best-selling Ted Nugent debut, an album that gave the FM world “Stranglehold”, and AM radio the hit, “Hey Baby”. Past that, Ted Nugent did quite well for the five year period after 1975. But before this time, he was with a band named The Amboy Dukes. For a 7-year period, Ted Nugent played guitar for the Chicago-based band gaining notoriety for his guitar playing that easily led to his solo career.

The Amboy Dukes enjoyed chart and radio time, especially with the Journey To The Center Of The Mind (1968) album and the single of the same name. Another one of their later albums is Call Of The Wild. Released in 1973, it featured the Nugent-style of playing in a more manic way. He closed off work with the band in 1974 with the release of Tooth Fang & Claw, the album that changed the moniker of the band to Ted Nugent’s Amboy Dukes from the previous adoption of Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes. Ted Nugent jettisoned after the band after its release in favor of his burgeoning solo career.

On March 1, Purple Pyramid Records (Cleopatra) will reissue Call Of The Wild, giving the classic album a new remaster but with no extra tracks. A booklet is packed in with new notes, more photos, and credits. Also planned for reissue and remaster (with no extra tracks) is Tooth Fang & Claw. It is being staggered for April 26 and will also see its release via Purple Pyramid.

Call Of The Wild will be reissued on CD, DD, CS, and three different color variations of LP that include standard black vinyl, white vinyl, and purple vinyl. The vinyl issues will be date staggered with the black vinyl and the white vinyl arriving on March 29, and purple vinyl on April 5.

Tooth Fang & Claw will be reissued on limited edition CD and DD. No LP (for now).

Call Of The Wild (2024 Remaster) – Ted Nugent & The Amboy Dukes
01 Call of the Wild
02 Sweet Revenge
03 Pony Express
04 Ain’t It the Truth
05 Renegade
06 Rot Gut
07 Below the Belt
08 Cannon Balls

Tooth Fang & Claw (2024 Remaster) – Ted Nugent’s Amboy Dukes
01 Lady Luck
02 Living In The Woods
03 Hibernation
04 Free Light
05 Maybelline
06 The Great White Buffalo
07 Sasha
08 No Holds Barred

By MARowe