The Canadian musician, Loreena McKennitt, has long been involved in world music since the start of her career in 1985. For nearly forty years, charmed fans have relished the thought of seeing her on stage or listening to her excellent compositions and covers of traditional songs. Over time, Loreena McKennitt has released ten studio sets, of which four have sold extremely well. 

On March 8, Loreena McKennitt will release her next album – The Road Back Home. With songs that were recorded during the Covid pandemic, the new album is expected to warm the souls of fans worldwide with its ten songs. Many of the songs found on the album are songs that Loreena McKennitt treasured and sang often during her busking era, and her early club appearances. They remained unrecorded until now, where they will be given the proper Loreena McKennitt treatment leading them onto the eternal pathways.

The Road Back Home will be made available on CD, DD, and LP pressed on  180g-weight black vinyl, all via Quinlan Road Music. The McKennitt site has these sets in signed editions (here). An Atmos mix of this album will be available. A song from the album, mixed in with interview segments, can be heard below.

The Road Back HomeLoreena McKennitt
01 Searching for Lambs
02 Mary & The Soldier
03 On A Bright May Morning
04 As I Roved Out
05 Custom Gap
06 Bonny Portmore
07 Greystones
08 The Star of the County Down
09 Salvation Contradiction
10 Sí Bheag, Sí Mhór / Wild Mountain Thyme

By MARowe