The quality of UK Progressive bands increased by a thousandfold when the era of Emerson, Lake & Palmer began. Formed in 1970, it was comprised of Keith Emerson, who moved into ELP from The Nice, Greg Lake, who had finished his stint with King Crimson, and Carl Palmer, fresh from his role in Atomic Rooster. ELP took the world by storm with their debut album, releasing “Lucky Man” as the catalyst. In a maniacally short span of just four years, ELP released four best-selling albums, not including their two best-selling live sets within the same time span. They went on hiatus before returning to attempt to recapture ground.

By 1986, ELP tried again without the help of Carl Palmer as he was busy with Asia. Instead, Cozy Powell from Rainbow was recruited and Emerson, Lake & Powell was issued. The album did fairly well in the UK while the rest of the world was deeply enmeshed with New Wave. This band incarnation only released one album.

On April 12, Spirit of Unicorn Music, which is an ELP-centric label that specializes in a small collection of ELP-related music (Cherry Red UK) will revisit the ambitious album that signaled a return to the original style of ELP. Know as Emerson, Lake & Powell, the album took the band back and placed them back into the starting gate of a familiar track. This new box will provide a remastered version of the album, and mix in B-sides and a single edit as bonus tracks. Along with those, two extra CDs will contain a CD of rehearsal tracks called The Sprocket Sessions (earlier released as a bootleg), and a CD with the previously released Live In Concert, also remastered. A full booklet of notes, photos, and credits is packed in the box. The 3CD box is being called The Complete Collection and will provide a thorough look into that band and their works.

The Complete CollectionEmerson, Lake & Powell

CD1 (Emerson Lake And Powell – Remastered)
01 The Score
02 Learning To Fly
03 The Miracle
04 Touch And Go
05 Love Blind
06 Step Aside
07 Lay Down Your Guns
08 Mars, The Bringer of War
Bonus Tracks
09 The Loco-Motion (B-Side)
10 Vacant Possession (B-Side)
11 The Score (Single Edit)

CD2 (The Sprocket Sessions – Remastered)
01 The Score
02 Learning To Fly
03 The Miracle
04 Knife Edge
05 Tarkus
06 Pictures At an Exhibition
07 Lucky Man
08 Still, You Turn Me On
09 Love Blind
10 Mars Bringer Of War
11 Touch & Go
12 Pirates

CD3 (Live In Concert – Remastered)
01 The Score
02 Touch & Go
03 Knife Edge
04 Pirates
05 From The Beginning
06 Lucky Man
07 Fanfare For the Common Man
08 Mars, The Bringer of War / Drum Solo
09 Medley – Karn Evil 9 (1st Impression)/ America/ Rondo

By MARowe