Michael Schenker made a name for himself with his work with Scorpions, UFO, and as notably, a strong solo career. His time with Scorpions was short as he was keen on jumping into the boat with UFO. After two Scorpions albums, he became an important part of the UFO show beginning with Phenomenon (1974). From there, he helped with the release of four more best-selling albums, as well as the live set – Strangers In The Night – which featured his incendiary live performances. After leaving UFO, he spent a bit of time with Scorpions (Lovedrive – 1979), then put his hat in the ring as the ringleader for Michael Schenker Group. Over time, he revisited UFO, Scorpions, and formed alliances for other bands.

On March 08, a 6CD Box set will appear featuring the music of the Michael Schenker Group (stylized as MSG). To be called Is It Loud Enough: Michael Schenker Group 1980-1983, this box will explore the arrival of MSG with demos, unreleased tracks, alternative tracks, and newly remastered albums from MSG in tis period. The albums remastered for this project are The Michael Schenker Group (1980), MSG (1981), Assault Attack (1982), and both US and UK versions of Built To Destroy (1983). Robin McAuley provided a strong presence with MSG that the name was modified to project that strength.

Is It Loud Enough – Michael Schenker Group 1980-1983 will be released on 6CD Box, DD, and no LP (planned for now). A 56-page booklet will be included.

Is It Loud Enough – Michael Schenker Group: 1980-1983Michael Schenker Group (MSG)

CD1 (The Michael Schenker Group – Remastered)
01 Armed and Ready
02 Cry for the Nations
03 Victim of Illusion
04 Bijou Pleasurette
05 Feels Like a Good Thing
06 Into the Arena
07 Looking out from Nowhere
08 Tales of Mystery
09 Lost Horizons

CD2 (MSG – Remastered)
01 Ready to Rock
02 Attack of the Mad Axeman
03 On and On
04 Let Sleeping Dogs Lie
05 But I Want More
06 Never Trust a Stranger
07 Looking for Love
08 Secondary Motion

CD3 (Assault Attack – Remastered)
01 Assault Attack
02 Rock You to the Ground
03 Dancer
04 Samurai
05 Desert Song
06 Broken Promises
07 Searching for a Reason
08 Ulcer

CD4 (Built To Destroy – Remastered – US/UK Versions)
UK Version
01 Rock My Nights Away
02 I’m Gonna Make You Mine
03 The Dogs of War
04 Systems Failing
05 Captain Nemo
06 Still Love That Little Devil
07 Red Sky
08 Time Waits (For No One)
09 Rock Will Never Die (Walk the Stage)
US Version
10 I’m Gonna Make You Mine (US Version)
11 Time Waits (For No One) (US Version)
12 Systems Failing (US Version)
13 Rock Will Never Die (Walk the Stage) (US Version)
14 Red Sky (US Version)
15 Rock My Nights Away (US Version)
16 Captain Nemo (US Version)
17 The Dogs of War (US Version)
18 Still Love That Little Devil (US Version)

CD5 (Demos/Alternate Tracks)
01 Just A Lover (1979 Demo)
02 Looking Out From Nowhere (1979 Demo)
03 Get Up And Get Down (1979 Demo)
04 After Midnight (1979 Demo)
05 Breakout (1979 Demo)
06 Cry For The Nations (Radio Edit)
07 Armed and Ready (As Featured in Guitar Hero: Metallica)
08 Dogs Of War (Edit)
09 Never Trust A Stranger (Monitor Mix)
10 Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (Sounds Flexi Edit)
11 Girl From Uptown (Single Version)
12 Dancer (DJ 7″ Edit)
13 Don’t Take It Out On Me (Non-Album Track)

CD6 (Previously Unreleased Tracks)
01 Let Sleeping Dogs Lie (Rough Monitor Mix)
02 Attack Of The Mad Axeman (Alt. Version – Monitor Mix)
03 Never Say Die (Live Rehearsal Take)
04 On And On (Rough Monitor Mix)
05 Looking For Love (Monitor Mix)
06 But I Want More (Rough Monitor Mix)
07 Girl From Uptown (Alternate Version)
08 Rock You To The Ground (Rough Alt. Mix)
09 Ulcer (Early Studio Take)
10 Captain Nemo (Early Studio Take)


By MARowe