After the run of the Peter Baumann era with Tangerine Dream, the musician left Christopher Franke, and Edgar Froese to push Tangerine Dream into new corners (and push they did). After Stratosfear (as a studio set), and Sorcerer (as a soundtrack), Peter Baumann released his first solo album, recorded during his final year with Tangerine Dream. It met with extraordinary interest by TD fans, and jump-started his sporadic career (he became more immersed in the running of his label, Private Music. Now, he runs his San Francisco-based think-tank – The Baumann Foundation – with the core intention of better understanding the human existence). His debut was Romance ’76 (1977), followed by Trans Harmonic Nights (1978), and Repeat Repeat (1981), all originally released via Virgin Records.

On April 26, Esoteric Recordings (Cherry Red UK) will be reissuing the three Virgin releases mentioned above. They will be remastered for release, and packed within a clamshell box for carriage and storage of the three titles. A booklet is included that will contain photos, new notes and a new essay. There will not be any extras or bonus tracks. Taking from a track in the Romance ’76 album, the Box will be called Phase By Phase: The Virgin Albums. The cover replicates the Romance ’76 cover (but you already know that).

Phase By Phase: The Virgin AlbumsPeter Baumann

CD1 (Romance ’76)
01 Bicentennial Present
02 Romance
03 Phase by Phase
04 Meadow of Infinity (Part One)
05 The Glass Bridge
06 Meadow of Infinity (Part Two)

CD2 (Trans Harmonic Nights)
01 This Day
02 White Bench and Black Beach
03 Chasing the Dream
04 Biking Up the Strand
05 Phaseday
06 Meridian Moorland
07 The Third Site
08 Dance at Dawn

CD3 (Repeat Repeat)
01 Repeat Repeat
02 Home Sweet Home
03 Deccadance
04 Real Times
05 M.A.N. Series Two
06 Brain Damage
07 Kinky Dinky
08 Daytime Logic
09 Playland Pleasure
10 What is Your Use

By MARowe