Grandaddy, a California-based band formed in the early ’90s, has enjoyed the release of seven sets since. Their music was adopted more readily in the UK before the US decided they were something to listen to with their neo-psych sound that fueled a run of popularity especially with psychedelic music now a greatly refreshed model from the late ’60s. Today, there are a great number of bands that employ the neo-psychedelic sound as their main style and garnering a lot of attention.

On February 16, Dangerbird Records will release the latest Grandaddy album – Blu Wav. The new album will feature a collection of 13 songs crafted on recognition of the “beauty of nature”. There are three preview singles in release, the latest one being “Long As I’m Not The One” (heard below). Other pre-release singles currently out are “Watercooler”, and “Cabin In My Mind”. It has been since 2017 that they released their last album, Last Place making Blu Wav an anticipated album for fans.

Blu Wav will be released on CD, DD, and three versions of vinyl that includes standard black, Limited Edition (350 copies) Cul-de-Sac black with white splatter vinyl, and a Limited Edition (5000 copies) of opaque Baby Blue vinyl. 

Blu WavGrandaddy
01 Blu Wav
02 Cabin in My Mind
03 Long as I’m Not the One
04 You’re Going to Be Fine and I’m Going to Hell
05 Watercooler
06 Let’s Put this Pinto on the Moon
07 On a Train or Bus
08 Jukebox App
09 Yeehaw Ai in the Year 2025
10 Ducky, Boris and Dart
11 East Yosemite
12 Nothin’ to Lose
13 Blu Wav Buh Bye

By MARowe