Mark Knopfler headed the UK band, Dire Straits. Their debut came alive on the strength of “Sultans Of Swing” in 1977. The album performed extraordinarily with millions of copies sold worldwide. Over the short window in which they performed, six albums were released. Brothers In Arms easily sold well over 50 millions copies worldwide and generated five hit singles (“Walk Of Life”, “Money for Nothing”, “So Far Away”, “Brothers In Arms”, “Your Latest Trick”). They ended their partnership in 1995 after a decent selling final studio album (On Every Street – 1991), and a live set – Live at The BBC (1995). From there, Mark Knopfler embarked on a successful solo career that produced 9 solo albums over a period of twenty years. All albums sold well.

On April 12, Mark Knopfler will release his tenth solo set. To be called One Deep River, the new album will contain 12 new songs. The new album will be released via his own label – British Grove – and will be distributed via EMI Records in the UK, Blue Note in the US. A first single is now in release called “Ahead Of The Game”. It reveals no loss of charm with no changes in style. It can be heard below.

One Deep River will be released on CD, DD, CS, 2CD Deluxe (with 5 extra tracks), BD-Audio (with 5 extra tracks), and two 2LP packages – one with standard black vinyl, and another with Limited Edition Light Blue vinyl for indie stores. A boxed set with 2LP, 2CD, Bonus LP (with four [MORE] bonus tracks and acquired only via this box), tin with three picks, lithograph, and a badge. All vinyl are mastered and cut at 45RPM Half-Speed.

One Deep RiverMark Knopfler
01 Two Pairs Of Hands
02 Ahead Of The Game
03 Smart Money
04 Scavengers Yard
05 Black Tie Jobs
06 Tunnel 13
07 Janine
08 Watch Me Gone
09 Sweeter Than The Rain
10 Before My Train Comes
11 This One’s Not Going To End Well
12 One Deep River

Bonus Tracks
01 The Living End
02 Fat Chance Dupree
03 Along A Foreign Coast
04 What I’m Gonna Need
05 Nothing But Rain

Bonus Tracks (on LP found in Box only)
01 Dolly Shop Man
02 Your Leading Man
03 Wrong ’un
04 Chess

By MARowe