The Quadio bundles have done nicely for Rhino Entertainment. With the re-introduction of the old ’70s Quad mixes, which were prepared for a short-lived surround experiment, Rhino has given back to current Surround aficionados a ‘blast from the past’. As now, the equipment needed to decode and play back the mixes were not a checkmark on the average listener’s list other than developing audiophiles. So, it’s brilliant to see these resurrect for a second life remixed to BD-Audio. Most BD players can decode them these days, and so these are gems to have back on the shelf.

Currently available, the new Quadio bundle (3) can be purchased. In this set will be AWB, the 1974 Average White Band set that included “Pick Up The Pieces”, Svengali, the 1973 classic by Gil Evans, Good Old Boys, the 1974 album from Randy Newman, and The World Is A Ghetto (1972) by War, which generated “The Cisco Kid”, and “The World Is A Ghetto” singles.

These BD-Audio Quadio sets can be purchased individually or in a “pick any four” bundle. Or…if you already have the previous sets, a 4-disc bundle featuring the latest four can be purchased. These can be picked up via Rhino Entertainment here.

By MARowe