Sometimes I arrive late to the party…more than I sometimes like to admit but…I did miss the newest Metric release announcement, an album which dropped on October 13. And while I’m sure fans already know about this, I would still be somewhat remiss if I didn’t say something, perhaps even for the possibility of getting them new fans from unaware readers of Metrics and their fun pop/rock music with something different in the mix. Certainly well worth your explorations. (I’ll put a single from their newest album below – “Who Would You Be For Me”.)

At this stage, this post will not only alert you to the album’s recent release but serve as somewhat of a review. 

Metric has been around for a few years since their beginnings in the early years of the New Millennium. Their first album was released in 2003. Since then, they’ve released eight more that includes their most current, Formentera II. With an alternative style, they have since evolved to mix in a style is uniquely theirs. Still the punkish guitars, still the steady beat, and still the vocals of Emily Haines, Metric has become a top-shelf band for these times.

Formentera II continues the dance punk styles and soft/pop that were heard on Formentera (2022), albums that were started during the Covid lockdowns. The US hasn’t completely latched onto this excellent band but that shouldn’t stop you from listening. The UK, Canada (where the band comes from), and Australia are fervent fans, however.

Along with the provided track below, “Days Of Oblivion”, and “Nothing Is Perfect” accompanies as a ballad in a set filled otherwise with plenty of Alternative dance pop. The album completes with nine tracks that sticks to your mind and replays itself (if you don’t visit YouTube or your favorite streamer or purchased music).

Metric is a solid band and Formentera II underscores that assessment.

Formentera II is available on CD, DD, and three editions of vinyl LP that include standard black, and Limited Edition Deluxe Seaglass Blue (1500 copies), and Marble Blue (500 copies) colors.

Formentera IIMetric
01 Detour Up
02 Just The Once
03 Stone Window
04 Days of Oblivion
05 Who Would You Be For Me
06 Suckers
07 Nothing Is Perfect
08 Descendants
09 Go Ahead And Cry

By MARowe