The ’90s were a rich period of shoegaze, ethereal bands that sometimes grazed in the grasslands of the ’80s. One of the labels that nurtured those talents was 4AD. It was started in 1980 as an imprint of Beggar’s Banquet as Axis Records, but soon after changed its name to 4AD. The label was bought by Ivo Watts-Russell (of This Mortal Coil), and Peter Kent. Eventually, 4AD was solely owned by Ivo Watts-Russell and history began to unfold. 4AD was home to Cocteau Twins, This Mortal Coil, Red House Painters, Pixies, Dead Can Dance, Bauhaus, and many more classic bands. Today, 4AD (since resold to Beggar’s) is still crushing it with excellent airy pop bands that transcend a certain style. One of those is Future Islands

Future Islands is a synth-pop band from Baltimore formed in 2006. To date, they have six albums, three of which are with 4AD. If you haven’t heard Future Islands and like some synthy-shoegaze music, then I highly advise you to add a tab to YouTube and listen for yourself.

On January 26, Future Islands will release their next album, People Who Aren’t There Anymore. The new album will feature 12 new compositions from the band, of which one is currently available as a single – “The Tower” (listen below). 

People Who Aren’t There Anymore will be issued via 4AD on CD, DD, LP, CS (cassette), and an exclusive uniquely colored Yolk-colored vinyl with a black blob in the center. It can be purchased here in the 4AD web-store.

People Who Aren’t There AnymoreFuture Islands
01 King of Sweden
02 The Tower
03 Deep In The Night
04 Say Goodbye
05 Give Me The Ghost Back
06 Corner Of My Eye
07 The Thief
08 Iris
09 The Fight
10 Peach
11 The Sickness
12 The Garden Wheel

By MARowe