Bill Nelson is a tireless artist filled with imagination and ruminations. His ability to translate those to music and songs of words is a gift, one that we have fully enjoyed with Be Bop Deluxe, Red Noise, and throughout his many solo endeavors. But none of this is any news to fans.

On December 1, Bill Nelson will release yet another album with music recorded for the All The Fun Of The Fair album. The music was different and thus belonged with its own set. This is the birth of Starlight Stories. Starlight Stories tells the tales of his remembrances of books owned by his mother when she was a child. There were stories that his mother would read to him as a child. Starlight Tales will offer 15 tunes.

Starlight Stories will be issued on CD and DD. You can sample some tracks and pre-order the new album here.

Starlight StoriesBill Nelson
01 A Wide Open Window (With A View Of The Stars)
02 Sailing Through Skies Of Blue
03 Antoria
04 My Signal Light
05 Goodbye Golden Sands
06 Everything Is Ancient Now
07 Standing In A Starlit Room
08 Slow, Slow, Slow
09 Meanwhile, Elsewhere
10 Ghosts Of Ancient Houses
11 Celestrum
12 Starlight Stories
13 The Land Of Lost Dreams
14 The Doctor Was An Alchemist
15 Ian’s Radio Is On

By MARowe