Dead Can Dance is a two-person collaborative collective that has dedicated to taking old world music, as well as exotic music and recreate them into an ethereal offering of music unmatched. Their strong period was in the ’80s and ’90s, although they still produce music and tour as an ensemble. They have 9 studio albums, their last in 2018, and a best-selling live set, Toward The Within, released in 1994. After some time, both Lisa Gerrard, and Brendan Perry have released solo albums, although Perry only has three in release. His first was Eye Of The Hunter, which was issued in 1999.

Since October 20, vinyl 2LP reissues of Eye Of The Hunter has been in new release. It has been expanded for this release by adding a live set entitled Live At The I.C.A., which will present seven live performance tracks. The set is being reissued via 4AD and will be released on 2CD, DD, and vinyl 2LP with transparent Green and Blue vinyl. Purchase link here.

Eye Of The HunterBrendan Perry

CD1 (Eye Of The Hunter)
01 Saturday’s Child
02 Voyage Of Bran
03 Medusa
04 Sloth
05 I Must Have Been Blind
06 The Captive Heart
07 Death Will Be My Bride
08 Archangel

CD2 (Live At The I.C.A.)
01 Alone/American Dreaming
02 Sarabande
03 Sloth
04 Chase The Blues
05 Captive Heart
06 Happy Times
07 Don’t Fade Away

By MARowe