Type O Negative, a NYC-bred Goth Metal band that featured larger than life frontman, Peter Steele, ended their strong run in 2010 when Peter passed on. The band released seven studio sets, most for Roadrunner Records, the last with SPV. Reformation seemed impossible without Peter Steele‘s deep lyrics and voice, and so the band retired permanently.

On January 12 of 2024, Rhino Records will celebrate the 20th Anniversary of Life Is Killing Me with a remastered set that will add in a collection of bonus tracks. The included booklet will be revamped with more photos from the period, and more notes, lyrics, and credits.

The 20th Anniversary of Life Is Killing Me will be issued on 2CD, DD, and two levels of 3LP packages that include one with Limited Edition 140g-weight Mixed Green and Black vinyl in a 3-panel jacket (see below), and an Exclusive Edition of 3LP Dark Green vinyl set. The vinyl issues will be the first time Life Is Killing Me appears on LP. Pre-Order all sets here.

Life Is Killing Me (20th Anniversary) – Type O Negative
[Note: I don’t have actual sequence so the below sequencing may be inaccurate.]

01 Thir13teen
02 I Don’t Wanna Be Me
03 Less Than Zero
04 Todd’s Ship Gods (Above All Things)
05 I Like Goils
06 ..A Dish Best Served Coldy
07 How Could She?
08 Life Is Killing Me
09 Nettie
10 (We Were) Electrocute
12 IYDKMIGTHTKY (Gimme That)
13 Angry Inch
14 Anesthesia
15 Drunk in Paris
16 The Dream Is Dead

01 Out of the Fire (Kane’s Theme)
02 Suspended in Dusk
03 Blood & Fire (Out of the Ashes Mix)
04 Cinnamon Girl (Extended Depression Mix)
05 Black Sabbath (Standard Version)
06 Haunted (Per Version)

By MARowe