Gong has long provided the world of Psychedelic Music with a steady dose of psych space music. But the story of Gong expands into the far reaches with a broad collection of members. The original and longtime mainstay were Daevid Allen (who died in 2015 at 77), his partner, Gilli Smith (who died in 2016 at age 83), and a few other shorter stays that include brilliance like Bill Bruford, Allan Holdsworth, and Steve Hillage. The latest members are those that have arrived since the new Millennium. Like Tangerine Dream, this iteration bears little resemblance to the classic era, but this doesn’t mean that musically they are irrelevant. Rather, they take the music to the next era.

On November 3, Gong (via KScope) will release a new album. It is an 8-track set to be called Unending Ascending. A single from the new album is “Tiny Galaxies” (single edit). You can hear that track below.

Unending Ascending will issue on CD, DD, and two versions of vinyl that will include industry black LP, and a Limited Edition green-color LP. The CD will come with an 8-page booklet. The LPs will add in an art print signed and numbered by the artist. Pre-orders at this link.

Unending AscendingGong
01 Tiny Galaxies (Single edit)
02 My Guitar Is A Spaceship
03 Ship Of Ishtar
04 O, Arcturus
05 All Clocks Reset
06 Choose Your Goddess
07 Lunar Invocation
08 Asleep Do We Lay

By MARowe