Joe Strummer is best known for his time with The Clash. But after The Clash disintegrated, Strummer released a Clash album (with only himself from the classic band) that only captured disappointment before moving on to other things that led to a solo period. In addition to the music he would create, he formed a band to be known as The Mescaleros. Together, they released a series of albums including the posthumous issue of Streetcore. Streetcore released in 2003. It was considered a return to form and gave Strummer an ‘end set’ that best identified him. Strummer passed at the age of 50 in 2002.

On October 20, Dark Horse Records will reissue Streetcore giving the album new remastering for the release. It also doubles as a celebration of the album’s 20th Anniversary. The album was previously available exclusively for RSD back in April of 2023. Now, it arrives in both LP and CD forms for the rest to enjoy (that typically abhor RSD). For most stores, the album LP reissue sold out. The set will contain only the original track list.

With this new reissue opportunity, Streetcore will reissue on limited edition black vinyl that will include a handwritten lyric sheet of “Coma Girl”, and CD.

StreetcoreJoe Strummer & The Mescaleros
01 Coma Girl
02 Get Down Moses
03 Long Shadow
04 Arms Aloft
05 Ramshackle Day Parade
06 Redemption Song
07 All In A Day
08 Burnin’ Streets
09 Midnight Jam
10 Silver And Gold

By MARowe