R.E.M. were a critical success beginning in their IRS Records days where they produced five ‘out of the gate’ classic sets. All of the five were Gold except their last with the label, Document, which achieved Platinum status. It provided R.E.M. with three classic singles (“Finest Worksong”, “It’s The End Of The World (As We Know It)”, and “The One I Love”), ” that expanded their fanbase and their popularity. Their switch to label giant, Warner Brothers shocked and surprised long-time fans, but with the increasing popularity was soon accepted. Beginning with Green (1988), R.E.M. stormed through ten albums, with 43 singles. They ceased creating in 2011 and have nevered regrouped since.

On November 10, R.E.M. (via Craft Recordings) will celebrate the 25th Anniversary of UP (1998). UP produced four singles that included “Daysleeper”. It also represented the first noticeable drop in interest among many fans reaching only Gold status after a strong string of multi-Platinum successes. Nevertheless, UP was enjoyed by the most ardent of fans. This reissue will feature the original album remastered, and expand to include 11 tracks from the Party Of Five TV show. Other important adds include a 5.1 Surround mix, a high-resolution Stereo mix, three music videos of songs from the album, and a few other extras to be found on a BD (Blu-ray).

UP will be reissued on 2CD, 2CD/BD, DD, 2LP (Limited Edition 180g-weight Green Marble), and 2LP (180g-weight Standard Black). A 32-page hard bound booklet with the 2CD/BD is included. The 2CD set adds in four postcards and a 24″ x 24″ poster. The Party of Five recording of “Daysleeper” can be enjoyed below. Pre-order options are here.

UP (25th Anniversary – 2023 Remaster) – R.E.M.

CD1 (Original Album)
01 Airportman
02 Lotus
03 Suspicion
04 Hope
05 At My Most Beautiful
06 The Apologist
07 Sad Professor
08 You’re In The Air
09 Walk Unafraid
10 Why Not Smile
11 Daysleeper
12 Diminished
13 Parakeet
14 Falls To Climb

CD2 (Party of Five Recordings)
01 Introduction
02 What’s The Frequency, Kenneth?
03 Lotus
04 Daysleeper
05 Country Feedback
06 Walk Unafraid
07 Losing My Religion
08 Parakeet
09 The Apologist
10 It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)
11 I’m Not Over You
12 Man On The Moon

UP – 5.1 Surround
UP – Hi-Resolution Audio
This Way Up (EPK)
Uptake (performance)
Daysleeper (Video)
Lotus (Video)
At My Most Beautiful (Video)

By MARowe