Brinsley Schwarz is a name that is likely one of obscurity for many. But that doesn’t mean that he and his band did not have an impact on the late ’70s, early ’80s. They had Nick Lowe, and Ian Gomm within their ranks. They have the original recordings of “Cruel To Be Kind” (unreleased), and “(What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace, Love and Understanding” (hear that one below) that achieved notable success elsewhere as re-recordings. In addition, Brinsley Schwarz and Bob Andrews were an essential part of Graham Parker and The Rumour during their peak. He has 6 albums in release; the first in 1970, and the last in 1974. So yeah…Brinsley Schwarz is the hidden talent around the ’70s and lesser ’80s.

On November 24, Lemon Recordings (distributed via Cherry Red UK) will release a 7CD Box that will include all of his albums including a 7th (It’s All Over Now – recorded in 1975) that wasn’t released until 1988. In addition, there are 62 bonus tracks that include live cuts, outtakes, and other rarities pulled from vaults, many of them previously unreleased. The set is being called Thinking Back: The Anthology 1970-1975).

Thinking Back: The Anthology 1970-1975Brinsley Schwarz

CD1 (Brinsley Schwarz – 1970)
01 Hymn To Me
02 Shining Brightly
03 Rock And Roll Women
04 Lady Constant
05 What Do You Suggest
06 Mayfly
07 Ballad Of A Has Been Beauty Queen
Bonus Tracks
08 Thinking Home (Previously Unreleased)
09 Girl In Spanish Lace (Previously Unreleased)
10 Thinking Back (Previously Unreleased)
11 Seymour (I Love You)
12 Funk Angel (Alternate Version)
13 Crime Of Passion
14 Murder On My Mind
15 Motorway Madness
16 Rock And Roll Station

CD2 (Despite It All – 1970)
01 Country Girl
02 The Slow One
03 Funk Angel
04 Piece Of Home
05 Love Song
06 Starship
07 Ebury Down
08 Old Jarrow
Bonus Tracks (Live in London – 1972)
09 Intro
10 Country Girl
11 She’s Got To Be Real
12 Home Work
13 Going Down The Road
14 Midnight Train
15 Private Number

CD3 (Silver Pistol – 1972)
1 Dry Land
2 Merry Go Round
3 One More Day
4 Nightingale
5 Silver Pistol
6 The Last Time I Was Fooled
7 Unknown Number
8 Range War
9 Egypt
10 Niki Hoeke Speedway
11 Ju Ju Man
12 Rockin’ Chair
Bonus Tracks
13 The Old Country
14 That’s What It Takes
15 Strange Feeling
Live in London – 1972
16 One More Day
17 Unknown Number
18 Range War
19 Silver Pistol

CD4 (Nervous On The Road – 1972)
01 It’s Been So Long
02 Happy Doing What We’re Doing
03 Surrender To The Rhythm
04 Don’t Lose Your Grip On Love
05 Nervous On The Road (But Can’t Stay At Home)
06 Feel A Little Funky
07 I Like It Like That
08 Brand New You
09 Home In My Hand
10 Why, Why, Why, Why, Why
Bonus Tracks – Live
11 What Would You Do (Live, Amsterdam, 1972)
12 Nervous On The Road (But Can’t Stay At Home) (Live, London, 1972)
13 It’s Just My Way Of Saying Thank You (Live, London, 1972)
14 Wonder Woman (Live, London, 1972)
15 I’m Ahead If I Can Quit While I’m Behind (Live, London, 1972)
16 Surrender To The Rhythm (Live, London, 1972)
17 Home in My Hand (Live, Paris, 1973)

CD5 (Please Don’t Ever Change – 1973)
01 Hooked On Love
02 Why Do We Hurt The One We Love?
03 I Worry (‘Bout You Baby)
04 Don’t Ever Change
05 Home In My Hand
06 Play That Fast Thing (One More Time)
07 I Won’t Make It Without You
08 Down In Mexico
09 Speedoo
10 The Version (Hypocrite)
Bonus Tracks
11 Hypocrite (as The HITTERS)
12 I Should Have Known Better (as LIMELIGHT) 13 Tell Me Why (as LIMELIGHT)
14 Run Rudolph Run (Live, Newcastle, 1973)
15 It’s Been So Long (Live, Cardiff, 1974)
16 Happy Doing What We’re Doing (Live, Cardiff, 1974)
17 You’re So Fine (Live, Cardiff, 1974)
18 Hip City (Live, Cardiff, 1974)
19 Trying To Live My Life Without You (Live, Cardiff, 1974)
20 Small Town Big City (Live, Cardiff, 1974)
21 Honky Tonk (Live, Cardiff, 1974)
22 Ju Ju Man (Live, Cardiff, 1974)

CD6 (The New Favourites Of Brinsley Schwarz – 1974)
01 (What’s So Funny ’Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding
02 Ever Since You’re Gone
03 The Ugly Things
04 I Got The Real Thing
05 The Look That’s In Your Eye Tonight
06 Now’s The Time
07 Small Town Big City
08 Trying To Live My Life Without You
09 I Like You, I Don’t Love You
10 Down In The Dive
Bonus Tracks
11 Cried My Last Tear
12 (It’s Gonna Be A) Bringdown
13 I’ll Be Doggone (Live, Tilburg, 1974)
14 Love Is Gone (Live, Tilburg, 1974)
15 Don’t Lie To Me (Live, Tilburg, 1974)
16 Save The Last Dance For Me (Live, Tilburg, 1974)
17 I Ain’t Never (Live, Sheffield, 1974)
18 Hey Bartender (Live, Sheffield, 1974)
19 Brown Sugar (Live, Sheffield, 1974)
20 Hooked On Love (Live, Cardiff, 1974)
21 (What’s So Funny ‘Bout) Peace Love And Understanding (Live, Cardiff, 1974)

CD7 (It’s All Over Now – 1988 [Recorded in 1975])
01 We Can Mess Around
02 Cruel To Be Kind
03 As Lovers Do
04 I’ll Take Good Care Of You
05 Hey Baby (They’re Playing Our Song)
06 Do The Cod (The Thirty Pounder)
07 God Bless (Whoever Made You)
08 Everybody
09 Private Number
10 Give Me Back My Love
11 It’s All Over
Bonus Tracks
12 There’s A Cloud In My Heart (as The BRINSLEYS)
13 You’ve Been Cheatin’ (Live, Groningen, 1975)
14 You Ain’t Living Until You’re Lovin’ (Live, Groningen, 1975)
15 Walking The Dog (Live, Groningen, 1975)
16 Snatch It Back And Hold it (Live, Groningen, 1975)
17 Play That Fast thing (One More time) (Live, Groningen, 1975)
18 We Can Mess Around (Live, Groningen, 1975)
19 I Have Cried My Last Tear (Live, Groningen, 1975)
20 Cruel To Be Kind (Live, Groningen, 1975)
21 Please Don’t Ever Change (Live, Koln, 1975)
22 Don’t Lose Your Grip on Love (Live, Koln, 1975)

By MARowe