Bryan Ferry is highly recognizable as the vocal extraordinaire in Roxy Music. During – and after – his time with Roxy Music, Bryan Ferry spend a lot of time in his solo efforts. With most of them welcomed as prized extras in the Roxy Music/Bryan Ferry saga, his best selling effort was Boys and Girls. Issued in 1985, just after the original demise of Roxy Music, it performed quite well on the charts and left a string of three grand singles that included “Slave To Love”. He released Mamouna almost ten years later, and just over a year from Taxi (1993). In this time, Mamouna is an essential release from Bryan Ferry and remains of interest to fans.

On November 17, BMG will reissue Mamouna and include the unreleased album of Horoscope from the period along with a collection of unreleased demos and a lavish 24-page booklet. The Horoscope album will feature an updated version of the Roxy Music track, “Mother of Pearl” among its 8 tracks. The demos will collect and present a series of 10 Mamouna demos of all kinds – instrumental, piano, and vocal.

Mamouna will reissue on 3CD, DD, and several vinyl editions that include black, silver, and a licorice-colored version.

Mamouna (2023 Reissue) – Bryan Ferry

CD1 (Mamouna)
01 Don’t Want to Know
02 N.Y.C.
03 Your Painted Smile
04 Mamouna
05 The Only Face
06 The 39 Steps
07 Which Way to Turn
08 Wildcat Days
09 Gemini Moon
10 Chain Reaction

CD2 (Horoscope – Previously Unreleased)
01 Where Do We Go from Here
02 The Only Face
03 Desdemona
04 S&M
05 Loop De Li
06 Gemini Moon
07 Raga
08 Mother of Pearl

CD3 (Mamouna Demos – Previously Unreleased)
01 Mamouna (Instrumental Edit ’89/’94)
02 Your Painted Smile (Instrumental – First Draft ’89)
03 Your Painted Smile (With Guide Vocals) [later Version ’89]
04 Your Painted Smile (Piano and Vocals ’93)
05 NYC/Desdemona (Instrumental ’91)
06 Robot (Instrumental) [first Draft ’89]
07 The Only Face (Instrumental) [first Draft ’89]
08 The Only Face (Piano and Vocal ’93)
09 Loop De Li (Instrumental) [first Draft ’89]
10 Horoscope Strings (Instrumental ’90)

By MARowe