When you hear the name of Roxy Music, it stirs plenty of corridors with music remembrances. But often while we appreciate Roxy Music, we don’t always know all of the members of the band that helped to deliver their magic in sound. Two of those are Phil Manzanera, and Andy Mackay. Manzanera played the guitar for Roxy Music, while Andy Mackay supplied the saxophone and oboe in abundance. Phil Manzanera has released 15 studio sets since 1975. Andy Mackay has five solo sets out. All of them are well worth checking out.

On October 13, Phil Manzanera joins forces with Andy Mackay to release a collaborative set, AM.PM. This set is composed entirely of instrumentals. This set is spun off the instrumental ideas that Phil had when recording his 2021 set with Tim Finn, Caught By The Heart. Lining up with Andy, the two created this 9-track album. You can hear a piece of it below with “Blue Skies”. Your first reaction is likely to be, “How Roxy Music-like!”.

AM.PM will release on CD, DD, and LP pressed on industry black vinyl.

01 Blue Skies
02 Mat 1
03 Yazz
04 EGM
05 Ambiente
06 Newanna
07 CC
08 Ambulante
09 Seth

By MARowe