In June of 2023, Rival Sons had released their newest album – Darkfighter. That album joins six previous releases since their first in 2009. Since then, Rival Sons has enjoyed peak successes of those albums on a worldwide scale. Rival Sons has the sound of the ’70s and ’80s in their hard rock blood and they do a fine job reppin’ those periods.

On October 20, Rival Sons will release a brand new album, an EP of sorts with six brand new tracks. The reasons for the two releases being close is that during the recording sessions for Darkfighter, the tracks that did not make the album were just too good to dispense with or place into a vault for future use. Instead, the band opted to present them in its own album release. The new album will be titled Lightbringer. The album is preceded by a new single – “Sweet Life” (hear below). 

Lightbringer will be released on CD, DD, and a Limited Edition Lemonade Yellow color vinyl LP. Currently, Rival Sons in involved in a massive tour that will take them around North America and Europe through November. You can pre-order here.

LightbringerRival Sons
01 Dark Fighter
02 Mercy
03 Redemption
04 Sweet Life
05 Before the Fire
06 Mosaic

By MARowe