Tom Waits has a highly satisfied base of fans. Since his appearance in 1973 with Closing Time, he has produced quality work in 17 studio albums. His best known of the bunch are Rain Dogs (1985), and Mule Variations (1999) even while others are definitely cult classic sets.

On October 6, Island Records will reissue Bone Machine as well as The Black Rider in new remasters of all tracks found on the original sets. The original tapes were pulled with Tom Waits overseeing the project of restoration. even better for purists, the original packagings has been restored.

Bone Machine and The Black Rider will reissue on CD, DD, and vinyl LP (black).

Bone Machine (2023 Remaster) – Tom Waits
01 Earth Died Screaming
02 Dirt in the Ground
03 Such a Scream
04 All Stripped Down
05 Who Are You?
06 The Ocean Doesn’t Want Me
07 Jesus Gonna Be Here
08 A Little Rain
09 In the Colosseum
10 Goin’ Out West
11 Murder in the Red Barn
12 Black Wings
13 Whistle Down the Wind
14 I Don’t Wanna Grow Up
15 Let Me Get Up On It

The Black Rider (2023 Remaster) – Tom Waits
01 Lucky Day Overture
02 The Black Rider
03 November
04 Just the Right Bullets
05 Black Box Theme
06 ‘T’ Ain’t No Sin
07 Flash Pan Hunter/Intro
08 That’s the Way
09 The Briar and the Rose
10 Russian Dance
11 Gospel Train/Orchestra
12 I’ll Shoot the Moon
13 Flash Pan Hunter
14 Crossroads
15 Gospel Train
16 Interlude
17 Oily Night
18 Lucky Day
19 The Last Rose of Summer
20 Carnival

By MARowe