Prince has left a legacy of recorded music, enough to be revisited with extraordinary offerings. Signed with Warner Brothers Records, Prince released his self-titled 2nd album to much excitement. It has sold over three million copies worldwide. Since, he has released variable attention-getting albums that include his ultra-extraordinary Purple Rain, celebrated by fans worldwide. It produced 5 singles including “When Doves Cry”. Prince has released over 30 albums, an incredibly creative amount for the changeling artist. He passed in 2016.

On October 27, WB Records and Rhino Records will reissue his 1991 set, Diamonds & Pearls. For this, all stops have been pulled as management has ok’d the extravagant reissue of this title with multiple CD, DD, and vinyl LP packages to attract all comers (see what I did there?)

Diamonds & Pearls will be reissued on CD, 2CD, DD, 180g-weight Milky White 2LP vinyl, 180g-weight Clear 2LP vinyl, and Industry Black 180g-weight 4LP. With box sets in mind, there will be an industry black 180g-weight 12LP that packs in the newly remastered album, 15 remastered singles and edits, unreleased studio recordings, 14 live performance tracks from Glam Slam (01/11/1992), along with a BD that offers three hours of content. Another box set offers the title in a 7CD/BD set that includes all mentioned for the 12LP/BD box. Finally, there is a Limited Edition 7 7″ vinyl singles box. the track list info below provide details on the 7CD Box. The audio tracks on the BD are high resolution Stereo/5.1 Surround/Dolby Atmos/Dolby True HD. The video content are presented in 2k cinema resolution and 1080p.

Additionally, Warner will be reissuing two Prince albums on vinyl LP. Those will be Music From Graffiti Bridge, and Batman OMPS. Both will arrive on September 9.

Diamonds & Pearls (Remaster) – Prince

CD1 (Diamonds & Pearls 2023 Remaster)
01 Thunder
02 Daddy Pop
03 Diamonds And Pearls
04 Cream
05 Strollin’
06 Willing And Able
07 Gett Off
08 Walk Don’t Walk
09 Jughead
10 Money Don’t Matter 2 Night
11 Push
12 Insatiable
13 Live 4 Love

CD2 (Single Mixes and Edits)
01 Gett Off (Damn Near 10 Min.)
02 Gett Off (Houstyle)
03 Violet The Organ Grinder
04 Gangster Glam
05 Horny Pony
06 Cream (N.P.G. Mix)
07 Things Have Gotta Change (Tony M Rap)
08 Do Your Dance (KC’s Remix)
09 Insatiable (Edit)
10 Diamonds And Pearls (Edit)
11 Money Don’t Matter 2 Night (Edit)
12 Call The Law
13 Willing And Able (Edit)
14 Willing And Able (Video Version)
15 Thunder (DJ Fade)

CD3 (Bonus Tracks – Vault)
01 Schoolyard
02 My Tender Heart
03 Pain
04 Streetwalker
05 Lauriann
06 Darkside
07 Insatiable (Early Mix – Full Version)
08 Glam Slam ’91
09 Live 4 Love (Early Version)
10 Cream (Take 2)
11 Skip To My You My Darling
12 Diamonds And Pearls (Long Version)

CD4 (Bonus Tracks – Vault II)
01 Daddy Pop (12″ Version)
02 Martika’s Kitchen
03 Spirit
04 Open Book
05 Work That Fat
06 Horny Pony (Version 2)
07 Something Funky (This House Comes) (Band Version)
08 Hold Me
09 Blood On The Sheets
10 The Last Dance (Bang Pow Zoom And The Whole Nine)
11 Don’t Say U Love Me

CD5 (Bonus Tracks – Vault III)
01 Get Blue
02 Tip O’ My Tongue
03 The Voice
04 Trouble
05 Alice Through The Looking Glass
06 Standing At The Altar
07 Hey U
08 Letter 4 Miles
09 I Pledge Allegiance To Your Love
10 Thunder Ballet

CD6 (Live at Glam Slam – January 11, 1992 – Part 1)
01 Thunder
02 Daddy Pop
03 Diamonds And Pearls
04 Willing And Able
05 Jughead
06 The Sacrifice Of Victor
07 Nothing Compares 2 U
08 Thieves In TheSTemple
09 Sexy M.F.

CD7 (Live at Glam Slam – January 11, 1992 – Part 2)
01 Insatiable
02 Cream/Well Done/I Want U/In The Socket (Medley)
03 1999/Baby I’m A Star/Push (Medley)
04 Gett Off
05 Gett Off (Houstyle)

By MARowe