Christine McVie saddened the world when she passed in 2022 at the age of 79. It was her time with Fleetwood Mac that brought her the adoration and attention that her songcraft and vocal prowess deserved. She had been with the band, off and on, since 1970 producing a wealth of 13 studio sets beginning with Future Games (1971) and finishing with The Dance (1997). She also has three solo albums to her name that includes Christine Perfect (1970), Christine McVie (1984), and In the Meantime (2004). (I do not list her 2017 collaboration with Lindsey Buckingham.) All albums fared well on the charts.

On November 3, Rhino Entertainment will reissue two of her last solo sets – Christine McVie, and In the Meantime. In The Meantime will deliver a bonus track; Christine McVie will not. Two charting singles were produced from Christine McVie (“Got A Hold On Me”, “Love Will Show Us How”).

Both Christine McVie, and In The Meantime will be reissued on CD, DD, and vinyl LP.

Christine McVieChristine McVie
01 Love Will Show Us How
02 The Challenge
03 So Excited
04 One In A Million
05 Ask Anybody
06 Got A Hold On Me
07 Who’s Dreaming This Dream
08 I’m The One
09 Keeping Secrets
10 The Smile I Live For

In The Meantime Christine McVie
01 Friend
02 You Are
03 Northern Star
04 Bad Journey
05 Anything is Possible
06 Calumny
07 So Sincere
08 Easy Come, Easy Go
09 Liar
10 Sweet Revenge
11 Forgiveness
12 Givin’ it Back
Bonus Track
13 Little Darlin’

By MARowe