The Replacements turned a career in Punk toward that of alternative-styled music. This is something that MANY bands used the guise of Punk for, to get on the wagon of a popular style and turn the tide for themselves. By 1981, Paul Westerberg and crew released their first album, following it up with six more before their demise. By the time of their breakup, The Replacements were forever legendary.

On September 22, The Replacements pays honor to their first Sire album, Tim. Originally released in 1985, Tim broke the band into the charts. This new reissue will feature a remix and a 2023 remaster of the original album. Alongside of those presentations will be a collection of demos, alternate versions, and a CD filled to the brim with a complete concert set from the Cabaret Metro in Chicago, IL on January 11, 1986. The full box will be completed with a vinyl LP featuring the Ed Stasium mix of the album. A 12×12 book will be packed in.

The Let It Bleed Edition of Tim will be issued within a 4CD/1LP (180g-weight black vinyl press) Box, and DD. You can listen to “Left Of The Dial” from the Ed Stasium mix below. All sets are via Rhino Entertainment.

Tim (Let It Bleed Edition)The Replacements

CD1 (Ed Stasium 2023 Remix)
01 Hold My Life 
02 I’ll Buy
03 Kiss Me on the Bus 
04 Dose of Thunder
05 Waitress in the Sky 
06 Bastards of Young 
07 Lay It Down Clown 
08 Left of the Dial 
09 Little Mascara 
10 Here Comes a Regular 

CD2 (2023 Remaster)
01 Hold My Life 
02 I’ll Buy 
03 Kiss Me on the Bus
04 Dose of Thunder 
05 Waitress in the Sky 
06 Swingin Party 
07 Bastards of Young
08 Lay It Down Clown 
09 Left of the Dial 
10 Little Mascara
11 Here Comes a Regular 

CD3 (Sons Of No One – Rare and Unreleased – Demos/Alternate Versions)
01 Can’t Hardly Wait (Acoustic Demo)
02 Nowhere Is My Home (Alternate Mix)
03 Can’t Hardly Wait (Electric Demo) [Alternate Mix]
04 Left of the Dial (Alternate Version)
05 Nowhere Is My Home (Alternate Version)
06 Can’t Hardly Wait (Cello Version)
07 Kiss Me on the Bus (Studio Demo)
08 Little Mascara (Studio Demo)
09 Bastards of Young (Alternate Version)
10 Hold My Life (Alternate Version)
11 Having Fun
12 Waitress in the Sky (Alternate Version)
13 Can’t Hardly Wait (The “Tim” Version) [Alternate Mix]
14 Swingin Party (Alternate Version)
15 Here Comes a Regular (Alternate Version)

CD4 (Not Ready For Prime Time – Live at the Cabaret Metro, Chicago, Il, January 11, 1986)
01 Gary’s Got a Boner 
02 Love You Till Friday
03 Bastards of Young 
04 Can’t Hardly Wait 
05 Answering Machine 
06 Little Mascara
07 Color Me Impressed 
08 Kiss Me on the Bus
09 Favorite Thing 
10 Mr. Whirly 
11 Tommy Gets His Tonsils Out 
12 I Will Dare 
13 Johnny’s Gonna Die 
14 Dose of Thunder 
15 Takin a Ride
16 Hitchin’ a Ride 
17 Trouble Boys 
18 Unsatisfied
19 Black Diamond 
20 Jumpin’ Jack Flash
21 Customer 
22 Borstal Breakout 
23 Take Me Down to the Hospital
24 Kids Don’t Follow
25 Nowhere Man 
26 The Crusher 
27 I’m in Trouble 
28 Go 

LP (Ed Stasium 2023 Remix)

Side A
01 Hold My Life 
02 I’ll Buy 
03 Kiss Me on the Bus
04 Dose of Thunder 
05 Waitress in the Sky
06 Swingin’ Party 

Side B
07 Bastards of Young 
08 Lay It Down Clown 
09 Left of the Dial 
10 Little Mascara 
11 Here Comes a Regular 

By MARowe