UK delivers art with the band known as Public Service Broadcasting. Around since 2013, PSB has four bestsellers under their studio belt, with one live set released in 2016. Their last studio album was Bright Magic, which was issued in 2021.

On September 8, Public Service Broadcasting will release their 2022 BBC live set at Royal Albert Hall in London. The show for this set was newly remixed and remastered. This show set pairs the band up with BBC Symphony Orchestra. The release will be titled No New Noise.

No New Noise will be issued on CD, DD, and vinyl LP.

No New NoisePublic Service Broadcasting
01 Ripples in the Ether (Towards the Infinite)
02 This New Noise
03 An Unusual Man
04 A Cello Sings in Daventry (Feat. Seth Lakeman)
05 Broadcasting House
06 The Microphone (The Fleet Is Lit Up)
07 A Candle Which Will Not Be Put Out
08 What of the Future? (In Touch With the Infinite)

By MARowe