Joe Strummer made his history with The Clash. But he also did a bit of highly respected solo work with a band called The Mescaleros, culminating in three studio works, the last released posthumously. (Those three do not include the tidy collection of releases including Live In Acton Town Hall issued in 2012.) Joe Strummer died in 2002 at the age of fifty of a heart attack.

On August 18, Live At Acton Town Hall will be reissued in a series of physical releases aside from the original 2012 RSD vinyl issue. For that release, the album was issued in a clear sleeve resembling a DIY project. This time, the album will be reissued on vinyl 2LP with full jacket and on clear vinyl. Additionally, it will also mark the first appearance on CD for the title.

The 2LP gatefold jacket will feature never before seen photos from the 2002 show. New liner notes will be on the booklet. The recording will be newly remastered and reissued by Dark Horse Records.

Live At Acton Town HallJoe Strummer And The Mescaleros
01 Shaktar Donetsk
02 Bhindee Bhagee
03 Rudie Can’t Fail
04 Tony Adams
05 (White Man) In Hammersmith Palais
06 Mega Bottle Ride
07 Get Down Moses
08 Police & Thieves
09 Cool ‘N’ Out
10 Police On My Back
11 Johnny Appleseed
12 Coma Girl
13 I Fought The Law
14 Bankrobber (with Mick Jones)
15 White Riot (with Mick Jones)
16 London’s Burning (with Mick Jones)

By MARowe