The Stranglers rose to prominence back in the late ’70s with their classic punk album, Rattus Norvegicus (1977). Since then, the band fronted by Hugh Cornwell, had become a strong part of the UK punk scene, and eventually turning that success into music of their choices over a period of decades. Cornwell left the band in 1990 with 10 as his last album with the band. Other important members were Dave Greenfield, who passed in 2020. and Jet Black, who died in 2022. After a while The Stranglers had released 18 studio albums, with Dark Matters (2022) as their last issue to date.

On July 7, a 4CD Box collecting four of their ’90s albums that include three studio albums, About Time (1995), Written In Red (1997), and Coup de Grace (1998) and one live set – Friday the Thirteenth, which is a capture of their ill-received Royal Albert Hall appearance in 1997 with an 18-piece orchestra. The 4CD box will provide a 12-page booklet, and present the 4CDs in cardboard sleeves. The set is being released via Mercury Studios.

The Stranglers 4The Stranglers

CD1 (About Time)
CD2 (Written In Red)
CD3 (Coup de Grace)
CD4 (Friday The Thirteenth)

By MARowe