Jackson Browne helped embody the sound of the American West with the Southern California sound. Joined by The Eagles, Linda Ronstadt, Warren Zevon, David Lindley, and others, the music made by Jackson Browne and the others are memorable and long-lasting. Two classics by Jackson Browne include the best-selling Running On Empty (sold over ten million copies worldwide), and his magnificent, but seemingly overshadowed Late For The Sky.

On July 7, Inside Recordings will reissue both Running On Empty (1977), and Late For The Sky (1974) with new remastering and a return to the original artwork. There are no extra bonus tracks for these reissues.

Running On Empty will be released on CD, DD, and high quality 180g-weight standard black vinyl. LAte For The Sky will only be reissued on 180g-weight black vinyl with original packaging intact, and DD.

Late For The Sky (2023 Remaster) – Jackson Browne
01 Late For The Sky
02 Fountain Of Sorrow
03 Farther On
04 The Late Show
05 The Road And The Sky
06 For A Dancer
07 Walking Slow
08 Before The Deluge

Running On Empty (2023 Remaster) – Jackson Browne
01 Running On Empty
02 The Road
03 Rosie
04 You Love The Thunder
05 Cocaine
06 Shaky Town
07 Love Needs A Heart
08 Nothing But Time
09 The Load-Out
10 Stay

By MARowe