Pet Shop Boys achieved prominence in the early ’80s with “West End Girls”, re-recorded for the MTV generation in 1986. It elevated the band to Platinum status with their debut set, Please, also released in 1986, and which contained the new “West End Girls” track. Over the course of 8 years, Pet Shop Boys held lofty appeal for a worldwide audience. In that time, they released 5 well-received albums that generated 20 charting singles. After this dominance, Pet Shop Boys still retain the ears and hearts of fans around the world.

On June 16, Pet Shop Boys will get a defining 3CD ‘best of’ set to be called Smash – The Singles 1985-2020. It will cover a large expanse of the band’s output over a 35-year period. Worthy of band that knows the power of music. Inside will be the singles, remixes, and a few re-recorded tracks.

Smash will be issued on 3CD, DD, and 6LP Box. All songs on these sets are newly remastered for the package. A 3CD/2BD box is planned with the Blu-ray discs holding the band’s complete video catalog.

Smash – The Singles 1985-2020Pet Shop Boys

01 West End Girls
02 Love Comes Quickly
03 Opportunities (Let’s Make Lots of Money)
04 Suburbia
05 It’s a Sin
06 What Have I Done to Deserve This?
07 Rent
08 Always on My Mind
09 Heart
10 Domino Dancing
11 Left to My Own Devices
12 It’s Alright
13 So Hard
14 Being Boring
15 Where the Streets Have No Name / I Can’t Take My Eyes off You (Medley)
16 Jealousy
17 DJ Culture
18 Was It Worth It? (7″ Version)

01 Can You Forgive Her?
02 Go West
03 I Wouldn’t Normally Do This Kind of Thing (7″ Version)
04 Liberation
05 Yesterday, When I Was Mad (Single Version)
06 Paninaro ’95
07 Before
08 Se a Vida É (That’s the Way Life Is)
09 Single – Bilingual
10 A Red Letter Day
11 Somewhere
12 I Don’t Know What You Want but I Can’t Give It Any More
13 New York City Boy (US Radio Edit)
14 You Only Tell Me You Love Me When You’re Drunk
15 Home and Dry
16 I Get Along (Radio Edit)
17 Miracles (Radio Edit)
18 Flamboyant (7″ Mix)

01 I’m with Stupid
02 Minimal (Radio Edit)
03 Numb (Single Edit)
04 Love etc.
05 Did You See Me Coming?
06 It Doesn’t Often Snow at Christmas (New Version)
07 Together (Ultimate Mix)
08 Winner
09 Leaving
10 Memory of the Future (New Single Mix)
11 Vocal (Radio Edit)
12 Love Is a Bourgeois Construct (Nighttime Radio Edit)
13 Thursday (feat. Example) [Radio Edit]
14 The Pop Kids (Radio Edit)
15 Twenty-Something (Radio Edit)
16 Say It To Me (New Radio Mix)
17 Dreamland (feat. Years & Years)
18 Monkey Business (Radio Edit)
19 I Don’t Wanna (Radio Edit)

By MARowe