Punk grew with the addition of Hüsker Dü, a band out of Minnesota. And like many bands in the Post-Punk era, they caught label attention with the Punk market, then transitioned to the music they really wanted to make. It was an exploit well in performance during the late ’70s and early ’80s. the band released 6 albums, 3 EPs, and three live sets that cuddle together in their small but decisive catalog.

On April 21, Reflex Records will release a 2CD set that puts together early live recordings from 1979 into 1980. Performed at The Longhorn in Minneapolis over three shows. The collection is called Tonite Longhorn. A track from this set – “Do You Remember?” – is in release and can be heard below. The music for Tonite Longhorn has been remastered. 

Tonite Longhorn will be released on 2CD, DD, and vinyl 2LP sets.

Tonite Longhorn –  Hüsker Dü

July 6, 1979
01 Insects Rule the World 
02 I’m not Interested 
03 Sex Dolls 
04 Can’t See You Anymore 
05 Sexual Economics 
06 Do You Remember? 
07 Nuclear Nightmare 
July 16, 1980
08 All Tensed Up 
09 Strange Week 
10 Don’t Try to Call 
11 Industrial Grocery Store 
12 Do the Bee 
13 Do You Remember? 
14 Ode to Bode 
15 Don’t Have a Life 

September 25, 1980
01 All I’ve Got to Lose 
02 Don’t Try It 
03 Writer’s Cramp 
04 Gilligan’s Island 
05 What Went Wrong? 
06 Uncle Ron 
07 MTC 
08 Drug Party 
09 Chinese Rock 
10 Termination 
11 Call on Me 
12 Gravity 
13 Statues 

By MARowe