The Waterboys delighted Europe with its mix of Scottish Folk music and Rock ‘n Roll blending in with the zeitgeist of the time. By the time “The Whole Of The Moon” hit the radio waves in Europe, a burgeoning fan base began to explore a back catalog and The Waterboys became international hits. With Mike Scott as the primary band member, he kept the band in excellent music. Their last was All Souls Hill issued in 2022. With that, there are 15 studio sets in The Waterboys library. One of them is A Rock In The Weary Land, which was released in 2000 and represented their 7th album. It arrived 7 years after 1993’s Dream Harder.

On May 26, Cooking Vinyl will reissue A Rock In The Weary Land filling it with 34 tracks. Those will include songs from various release editions. Mike Scott curated this reissue sequencing the first CD to match the original US release that carried two extra tracks. CD2 will feature 20 bonus tracks, twelve of them previously unreleased tracks. The artwork has been reworked. The 2CD edition packs in a 28-page booklet.

A first time collectible 2LP package of A Rock In The Weary Land is also planned that will have 180g-weight Limited Edition Sky Blue vinyl LPs inside a gatefold jacket.

A Rock In The Weary Place will also be reissued in the DD format.

A Rock In The Weary Place (2023 Reissue) – The Waterboys

01 Let It Happen
02 The Charlatan’s Lament
03 Is She Conscious?
04 We Are Jonah
05 It’s All Gone
06 My Love Is My Rock in the Weary Land
07 Lucky Day/Bad Advice
08 His Word Is Not His Bond
09 Malediction
10 Dumbing Down the World
11 The Wind in the Wires
12 Night Falls On London
13 Crown
14 My Lord, What a Morning

CD2 (Bonus Tracks)
01 Fanfare By Thighpaulsandra
02 Sad Procession
03 Is She Conscious? (Acoustic Demo)
04 Dumbing Down the World (Live at Glastonbury)
05 Trouble Down Yonder
06 In the Long Low Weary Land
07 Wintermind
08 Never Been Out of Love
09 Somewhere in the Bleak Mid-distance Something Beautiful Is Born
10 Anatomy of a Love Affair
11 Is She Conscious (Funky Thumbs)
12 Martin Descent
13 Time, Space and the Bride’s Bed
14 Oh Yeah/I’ll Be Satisfied
15 Carolan’s Weird Welcome
16 Since the Fire Started Burning in My Soul
17 The Height of His Head
18 My Love Is My Rock (Instrumental With Choir)
19 It Bends Towards Justice
20 The Last Rock Freak Out

By MARowe