Black Belt Eagle Scout is the interesting moniker for Katherine Paul, a native indian who creates music that brings to mind The Sundays, Mazzy Star, and Suzanne Vega blended with alt-music and native American . Based in Portland, Oregon, Black Belt Eagle Scout has been making music since the release of their eponymous 8-track EP in 2014. Since that set, they have released 2 studio sets, their last in 2019. So, it’s time.

On February 10, Saddle-Creek Records will release the new album by Black Belt Eagle Scout, to be called The Land, The Water, The Sky. It will be a 12-track set that, judging by the brief snippet awarded to episode 210 of Reservation Dogs (“Salmon Swinta”), and the four singles in pre-release of the album, will be quite an album that could break out favorably for the band. You can hear “Nobody” below.

The Land, The Water, The Sky will be released on CD, DD, CS, and several versions of vinyl LP that include standard black, and a Limited Edition Clear vinyl (300 copies). A Saddle-Creek exclusive that features a beautifully pressed cloudy clear, blue, and green tri-color vinyl is already sold out, snapped up by fans from its 200 copy run.

You can pre-order the upcoming album (and get the four singles immediately as DD) here.

Willie Jack will be pleased! Skoden!

The Land, The Water, The SkyBlack Belt Eagle Scout
01 My Blood Runs Through This Land
02 Sedna
03 Salmon Stinta
04 Blue
05 On the River
06 Nobody
07 Fancy Dance
08 Sčičudᶻ (a narrow place)
09 Tree Line
10 Understanding
11 Spaces
12. Don’t Give Up

By MARowe